Wrongful Death and Divorce

According to a wrongful death attorney, every day in Colorado 96 couples get married. And 56 couples divorce. The creator of a new website is hoping to curb breakups and divorce rates by preventing sour relationships in the first place – by listing cheaters.

It sounds unusual – it is, as it’s the first site of its kind – and to some, invasive. In an era of online dating and social media, everything is becoming more public. That apparently includes your romantic history.

The site, Cheaterville.com, launched around Valentine’s Day of last year. According to Colorado Connection, the founder and CEO of the site got the idea when he was serving overseas. He apparently had a friend whose wife was unfaithful back home. That got him thinking.

Already, the site has a list of nearly 10,000 people who have apparently cheated. The creator of the site notes that many online daters lie on their profiles about their marital status, and this is one way to check on them.

Some people are critical of the system, however, because what’s to stop someone from posting about their ex-partner, even if what they claim isn’t true? The site’s founder doesn’t think that’s a problem, but does note that people can counteract a faulty post, and posts can be removed if they are found to be untrue.

While many might doubt the validity of a site like this, and whether it can help prevent bad relationships or unstable marriages, it still gets about 1 million hits per week. And since the majority of adults believe internet sex is cheating, perhaps the site will take on more importance than anyone might have predicted only a few years ago.