Types of Cases We Handle

Home Invasion Robbery: Client accused of breaking into a home where he knew the occupants and robbing them at gun point. Facing 30 years prison. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty.

Attempted Murder: Client was charged with attempted murder for being involved in a drive by shooting. Client allegedly left bar after an altercation with several people then drove by victim and supposedly shot victim. After extensive depositions were taken the prosecution was abandoned. Case Dropped.

Jury found Not Guilty of robbery, guilty of petit theft. Sentenced time served.

Aggravated Fleeing to Elude and Driving on a suspended license: Client was accused of fleeing from police at high speeds after they attempted to stop him for a traffic infraction. Offered 5 years prison and faced 20 years. Found Not Guilty by Jury

Aggravated Fleeing To Elude: Client facing 5 years in prison. It is alleged he drove several extra houses before pulling over for a police brutality lawyer in Michigan. Jury found Client Not Guilty

Sex Crimes:

Sexual Battery: Client was accused of picking up woman and offering her a ride. He allegedly beat her and then raped her. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Sexual Battery: Client accused of raping women. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty with the help of Boca Raton criminal defense lawyers.