More divorces for dads who stay home with kids

In many ways, gender roles have evolved tremendously, but there are still certain facets that stay in line with the days of “Leave it to Beaver.” One is that men who don’t work and are not a family breadwinner are judged more harshly. And a recent study has found that unemployed men, including stay-at-home dads, are more likely to get a divorce than working men. But that trend doesn’t apply to women.

The study, published in the “American Journal of Sociology,” shows that even more than unhappiness in a marriage, unemployment is a predictor for divorce for men. Unemployed men are more likely to leave a marriage, while their wives are more likely to leave their husbands if the men are unemployed. Women, however, are more likely to get divorced when they are working than when they are unemployed.

The difference may seem puzzling, but researchers think it’s because women’s roles have changed, but men’s haven’t much. So, if men aren’t bringing in an income, some in society view that as unsuccessful, and that can lead to more marital tension.

Also, women who are successfully employed will have the means to leave an unhappy marriage, while women who do not have jobs might not.

As for the disparity between men and women, a article says a recent study during the recession indicates that man may be more depressed than women when they are unemployed. Hence, more divorces for the men.

According to a Detroit police misconduct attorney, the research was taken from over 3,600 couples in the National Survey of Families and Households.